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Since brethren of "FRATERNITAS EUROPAE" come from very different Lodges, we propose a selection of ties per country. If no material to think about, you will find additional information. As a result of the will of regularity seeked by its founders, the Lodge "FRATERNITAS EUROPAE", excludes weamen from the membership and describes the below list as the most possible thorough. Hence, it also indicates references about mixed or feminine obediences

European countries Number of obediences
Total Male Female Mixed










  8 1 3






4 3 1 0



Subject to mistakes or omissions

There are many other ties. Some of them towards extra-obediencial masonic subjects.



F I F French speaking internaut brotherhood.


Including european freemasons, REFORM is not a Lodge. Their wish is to reform freemasonry, to renew societies, improve comprehension between peoples,...
Memory and watchfulness Meeting site for sisters and brothers concerned by dynamizing their efforts in order that the oath of the nazi camps survivors, the „that never again“ can be held.
RUTA JACOBEA Meeting site for sisters and brothers, old walkers to Compostelle ou other traditional paths.

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