First european masonic Lodge

"Liberté * Egalité * Fraternité"

Nous sommes le

Il est

Frère, soeur, parent ou ami, vous êtes le

à nous faire l'honneur de votre visite

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Willkommen Welcome
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portugal buenvenuto

The Respectable Lodge "FRATERNITAS EUROPAE"
welcomes you on its internet site

"FRATERNITAS EUROPAE" is a regular lodge, recognized and supported by many european masonic obediences.
Born in 1991 by the meeting and the will of over 250 brethren from several european countries.

In accordance to the fundamental principles of the universal Freemasonry
"FRATERNITAS EUROPAE" works to the Glory of the Supreme Architect of the Universe
In order to edify a borderless FreeMasonry,
vector of progress, humanism, fraternity and tolerance

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